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What's an inverted firm?

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Harvard Business Review calls the production model Munnstech uses an “inverted firm". We just call it the smartest way to save our clients money. We hire the most talented, experienced people to do the work your company needs, no waste. You pay only for the work you get.

  • We match talent to the job
  • A worldwide network of professionals
  • Your team works for you
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We have a lot more players on our bench than most firms.


Harry Munns


A graduate of UMass with a degree in Media Writing and Production, Harry spent more than 20 years as a communications executive.

Package Deals

Save money by combining services.

Business Writing

What you say and how you say it, says a lot about you.


Motion gets attention.


...worth a thousand words.

“By using freelance craftspeople, we match the best artists with each individual project. Clients get the right artisan, rather than getting forced to use some employee on our payroll.”
Harry Munns CEO, Founder